Contemporary Drama in English 00

Wolfgang Lippke, ed.
Aspects of Theatre and Drama in Britain and New Zealand

Unterricht-Studium-Fortbildung 7.
Siegen: Universität GH, 1992.
97 pp. ISSN 0935-9303

  • Roger HALL: Contemporary New Zealand as Seen by Its Playwrights
  • Sarah DANIELS: Women, Marginalisation and the Madness of Writing Plays
  • David EDGAR: Public Theatre in a Private Age

With a preface by Bernhard Reitz as well as introductory essays and addresses by Wolfgang Lippke, Klaus Sturm, Frank Frankel, Agota M. Kuperman, Albert-Reiner Glaap, Nicole Boireau and Raimund Schäffner

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