CDE’s PhD Forum was initiated during the Meissen Conference 2003 and met for the first time at the Bamberg Conference in 2004. Participants have included graduate students from various European universities, united in the love of and the struggle with contemporary theatre and drama in English.

As an organisation dedicated to assist and support graduate students working in the area of contemporary drama in English, CDE annually hosts a graduate colloquium in the days immediately prior to each regular annual conferences.

During the forum, students are able to introduce and discuss their research projects as well as individual chapters from their dissertations with each other in an informal and relaxed atmosphere.

The forum is currently moderated by Professor Clare Wallace (Charles University Prague), and Professor Martin Middeke (University of Augsburg).

Students will be selected according to the following two criteria:

  • the relevance of their research project to the general remit of CDE
  • the overall number of applicants

PhD Forum

32nd Annual CDE Conference in Innsbruck, 2 – 5 May 2024

Theatre in the Digital Age

Please note that this year’s PhD forum is now full.

The German Society for Contemporary Theatre and Drama in English (CDE) cordially invites postgraduate students working on contemporary (post-1989) theatre and drama in English to participate in the PhD forum preliminary to the 32nd CDE Conference. The event will take place on Thursday 2 May at the conference venue, and it will be chaired by Professor Clare Wallace (Charles University, Prague) and Professor Martin Middeke (University of Augsburg).

To participate in this workshop, you are invited to send a project outline of your PhD thesis, your theoretical framework or an individual chapter. Contributions will be circulated in advance among all participants, who will be asked to read them prior to the forum. On the date, you should briefly present your project (10-15 min) to allow enough time for feedback and discussion (30 min approx.). The number of participants is limited in order to grant enough time to individual projects. Please note that this is not a conference paper; rather, it should be a presentation of your research and your problems/progress with it.  The forum is not open to non-participants and all work presented is done so in confidence.

The forum will take place on Thursday 2 May from ca. 9am with a coffee break roughly in the middle and lunch at the end (exact details will be arranged before the conference). Students travelling from abroad or further afield will need to arrive on Wednesday. CDE will take care of the selected students’ extra night’s accommodation, the coffee break and lunch on Thursday. Please communicate directly with the conference organisers about arrival times and your needs, as well as about registration for the conference.


Please note that this year’s PhD forum is now full.

  • Fill in the CDE 2024_PhD Forum application form and send it to Clare Wallace at Please note that we have limited time so a total of 6-8 presenters is possible. Topics of direct relevance to CDE please. If there are more than 6-8 PhD students interested, we will make a selection.
  • Deadline for applications: 1 March 2024.
  • The list of participants will be circulated by 15 March 2024.
  • Participants should register for the conference and join CDE (in case they are not already members), please visit the conference website. Only members of the association may participate in the forum.
  • By the 15 April 2024 materials for presentation and discussion should be uploaded to our Dropbox folder. A link will be sent to the group.
  • Participants are requested to read all contributions to the forum in advance so that we can take part in the discussion.

We are looking forward to your applications and to meeting you in Innsbruck!