JCDE: Journal of Contemporary Drama in English

JCDE is an international journal published by De Gruyter with CDE.

The Journal of Contemporary Drama in English focuses on issues in contemporary Anglophone dramatic literature and theatre performance. It renegotiates the understanding of contemporary aesthetics of drama and theatre by treating dramatic texts of the last fifty years. The peer-reviewed journal publishes essays that engage in close readings of plays and also touch upon historical, political, formal, theoretical and methodological aspects of contemporary drama, theatre, and performance.

JCDE appears twice a year: the first issue is based on the annual international conferences held by CDE, the second issue invites individual essays on contemporary theatre and drama in English. The journal also contains a review section.

Anette Pankratz (Bochum, Editor in Chief), Ute Berns (Hamburg), Martin Middeke (Augsburg), Merle Tönnies (Paderborn, Reviews), Clare Wallace (Prague)

Advisory Board:
Mireia Aragay (Barcelona), John Bull (Reading), Johan Callens (Brussels), Jill S. Dolan (Princeton), Tobias Döring (Munich), Lynette Goddard (London), Nicholas Grene (Dublin), Stephen L. Lacey (Glamorgan), Deirdre Osborne (London), Dan Rebellato (London), Bernhard Reitz (Mainz), Anthony Roche (Dublin), Annette J. Saddik (New York), Elizabeth Sakellaridou (Thessaloniki), Aleks Sierz (London)

De Gruyter (Berlin/Boston)

Essays should be no longer than 8,000 words (including notes and bibliography) and should be formatted according to MLA style (9th edition, 2021). Please also refer to JCDE’s stylesheet.

Essay manuscripts should be sent to the editor-in-chief, suggestions for reviews to the reviews editor.

2022, 10.2 (November): [table of contents, online access].

2022, 10.1 (May): Critical Theatre Ecologies. Eds. Martin Middeke, Martin Riedelsheimer.
[table of contents, online access]

2021, 9.2 (October): [table of contents, online access].

2021, 9.1 (May): Performing the Future. Eds. Anette Pankratz, Merle Tönnies.
[table of contents, online access]

2020, 8.2 (November): [table of contents, online access].

2020, 8.1 (May): Theater of Crisis: Contemporary Aesthetic / Responses to a Cross-Sectional Condition. Guest eds. Nassim Winnie Balestrini, Leopold Lippert, Maria Löschnigg.
[table of contents, online access]

2019, 7.2 (November): [table of contents, online access].

2019, 7.1 (May): Fear and Anxiety in Contemporary Drama and Performance. Guest eds. Stefani Brusberg-Kiermeier, James McKenzie, Daniel Schäbler. [table of contents, online access].

2018, 6.2 (November): [table of contents, online access].

2018, 6.1 (April): Nation, Nationhood and Theatre. Guest ed. John Bull. [table of contents, online access].

2017, 5.2 (October): [table of contents, online access].

2017, 5.1 (April): Theatre and Mobility. Guest eds. Kerstin Schmidt, Nathalie Aghoro. [table of contents, online access].

2016, 4.2 (November): [table of contents, online access].

2016, 4.1 (May): Theatre and Spectatorship. Guest eds. Mireia Aragay, Enric Monforte. [table of contents, online access].

2015, 3.2 (November): [table of contents, online access].

2015, 3.1 (May): Theatre and History. Guest ed. Ute Berns. [table of contents, online access].

2014, 2.2 (December): [table of contents, online access].

2014, 2.1 (May): Theatre as Political Intervention. Guest eds. Ondřey Pilný, Clare Wallace. [table of contents, online access]

2013, 1.2 (November): [table of contents, online access].

2013, 1.1 (May): Bodies on Stage. Guest eds. Anette Pankratz, Ariane de Waal. [table of contents, online access]