Members of the German Society for Contemporary Theater and Drama in English…

  • have a platform from which to publish the results of their research,
  • are invited to speak at the annual conferences and other CDE activities,
  • receive the annual two volumes of the Journal of Contemporary Drama in English free of charge.

The annual membership fees are:

  • € 25.00 for students, PhD students, and members without position
  • € 50.00 for members in tenured and untenured positions (non-professorial staff) and emeriti professors
  • € 75.00 for fully tenured professors

Application for membership (or application for renewal of membership) should be made to the CDE treasurer.

Payment of annual fees may be made via:

  • money transfer (Überweisung)
  • Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) direct debit payment (SEPA Bankeinzug; for EU and Eurozone bank-account holders only)