Contemporary Drama in English 01

Bernhard Reitz, ed.
New Forms of Comedy

Wissenschaftlicher Verlag Trier, 1994.
168 pp. ISBN 3-88476-118-8. EUR 18,-

The volume contains the 12 papers given on the occasion of the first CDE conference held at the University of Siegen in 1993.

  1. Christopher INNES: „The Cutting Edge of Comedy: Peter Barnes‘ Polemics“
  2. Peter Paul SCHNIERER: ‚The Conventional Comedies of Bond and Shaffer“
  3. Christine DYMKOWSKI: „Questioning Comedy in Daniels, Wertenbaker, and Churchill“
  4. Eckart VOIGTS-VIRCHOW: „Learning by Suffering/Singing: Dennis Potter’s The Singing Detective as a Musical Tragi-Comedy of Disease“
  5. Tobias DĂ–RING: „Outside In: Place and Space in Matura’s Political Comedy“
  6. Ann WILSON: „Po-Co Jest: Reflections on Comedy and National Identity in English-Canada“
  7. Bernhard REITZ: „From Loman to Lyman: Arthur Miller’s Comedy“
  8. Edith HALLBERG: „Barbara Garson’s Black Comedy Security“
  9. Christiane BIMBERG: „The Serious Business of Comedy: Return to a Complex Genre in Woody Allen’s A Midsummer Night’s Sex Comedy
  10. Armin GERATHS: „The New Musical and the Ambiguous Legacy of the Musical Comedy“
  11. William BROWN: „Robert Ashley’s Comic Opera for Television“
  12. Peter GRIFFITH: „Aspects of Contemporary Theatre-in-Education“

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