Contemporary Drama in English 03

Bernhard Reitz, ed.
Drama and Reality

Wissenschaftlicher Verlag Trier, 1996.
222 pp. ISBN 3-88476-201- X. EUR 20,50

The volume contains the 18 papers given on the occasion of the third CDE conference held at the University of Dresden in 1995.

  1. Howard BRENTON: „With Gardzienice“
  2. Christopher INNES: „The End of History-and After: The Politics of Drama Today“
  3. Tobias DĂ–RING: „The Real Inspector Freud: Kim Morrissey, Terry Johnson, and the Drama of Hysteria“
  4. Elizabeth SAKELLARIDOU: „Hyper-/ Sur-/Realism and the Postmodern Stage“
  5. Jochen ACHILLES: „Dermot Bolger’s Drama and the Reality of Europe“
  6. Paul GOETSCH: „Questioning Liberal Optimism: Athol Fugard’s Playland
  7. Irene NITZL: „Coping with Nigerian Language Problems in Literature: The Transistor Radio by Ken Saro-Wiwa“
  8. Uma NARAIN: ‚Theater of the Vietnam War: Reality Truer Than Experiential Fact“
  9. Peter Paul SCHNIERER: „The Theatre of War: English Drama and the Bosnian Conflict“
  10. Ute BERNS: „Political Drama and the Micropolitics of Language: Institutional Power and Individual Perspectives Creating Dramatic Realities“
  11. Jale ABDOL LAZAHDEH: „Departures from Realism: Contemporary Feminist Theatre and the Power of Surreal Effects“
  12. Werner HUBER/Martin MIDDEKE: „Biography in Contemporary Drama“
  13. Isolde NEUBERT: „The Doorman of the Century is a Transient Phenomenon: The Symbolism of Dancer in Howard Barker’s Hated Nightfall
  14. Guy STERN: „Romantic vs. Postmodern Reality: An Examination of Tom Stoppard’s Arcadia
  15. Bernhard REITZ: „Beyond Newton’s Universe: Science and Art in Tom Stoppard’s Arcadia
  16. Hans-Ulrich MOHR: „David Mamet’s Oleanna: The Hazards of Social Construction“
  17. Karl GROSS: „‚Games People Play‘: Illusion and Reality in David Rabe’s Streamers
  18. Christiane BIMBERG: „Reality and Its Distortion in the Plays of Sam Shepard“

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