Contemporary Drama in English 05

Werner Huber and Martin Middeke, eds.
Anthropological Perspectives

Wissenschaftlicher Verlag Trier, 1998.
212pp. ISBN 3-88476-298-2. EUR 20,-

The volume contains the 13 papers given on the occasion of the fifth CDE conference held at the University of Paderborn in 1997.

  1. Werner HUBER/ Martin MIDDEKE: „Introduction“
  2. Richard Allen CAVE: „Engendering Confusion“
  3. David EDGAR: „From Babel to Pentecost: Language and Culture in the Liminal Zone“
  4. Margarete RUBIK: „The Bacchae in Modern British Drama“
  5. Stephanie KRAMER: „Imaging/Imagining Women’s Lives: Biography in Contemporary Women’s Drama“
  6. Stuart MARLOW: „Hovering Between the Post-Colonial and the Pastoral: Brian Friel’s Dancing at Lughnasa
  7. Anja OED: „Staging Ritual in Post-Colonial Drama: Wole Soyinka’s Death of the King’s Horseman and Tess Akaeke Onwueme’s The Broken Calabash
  8. Albert-Reiner GLAAP: „Anguished Human Relations and the Search for Love: Plays by Canadian Writers Brad Fraser, Judith Thompson and Dianne Warren“
  9. Markus WESSENDORF: „Richard Foreman’s Theatrical Deconstruction of the Neo-Ritualistic Theatre of the Sixties“
  10. Thomas LEUCHTENMUELLER: „The Role of Rituals in August Wilson’s Drama“
  11. Johan CALLENS: „FinISHed Story: Elizabeth LeCompte’s Intercultural Take on Time and Work“
  12. Klaus STIERSTORFER: „Life into Theatre – Theatre into Living: Dramatherapy and its Interface with Drama and Theatre Studies“
  13. Fritz-Wilhelm NEUMANN: „Cyberspace: The Impact of Information Technology on the Stage“
  14. Nicholas ARNOLD: „‚Come, and Take Away the Green Pain‘ – The Shamanic and Ecstatic Features of Trance-Dance in Rave Culture“

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