Contemporary Drama in English 06

Bernhard Reitz, ed.
Race and Religion

Wissenschaftlicher Verlag Trier, 1999.
ISBN 3-88476-353-9, 212 pp., EUR 20,50

The volume contains the 16 papers given at the sixth CDE conference in Leutersdorf (University of Mainz).

  1. David NATHAN: Race and Religion in the English Theatre
  2. Sigrid RIEUWERTS: Sacraments and Sacrifices: On David Hare’s Racing Demon
  3. Isolde NEUBERT-KÖPSEL: Jokers in the Pack: Satire and Metaphor in David Hare’s Racing Demon (1990)
  4. Beatrix HESSE: Race, Religion and the Group Process: The Plays of David Edgar
  5. Guy STERN: Furtwängler – the Testing of Art: Ronald Harwood’s Drama Taking Sides
  6. Heiner ZIMMERMAN: European Xenophobia and Ireland: A Postcolonial View: Donal O’Kelly: Asylum! Asylum!
  7. Merle TÖNNIES: The Codes of ‘Self’ and ‘Other’ and the Manipulation of Audience Sympathy: Conflicts between the West and the Islamic World in Contemporary British and Irish Drama
  8. Elizabeth SAKELLARIDOU: Religion as Strategy
  9. Christopher INNES: Staging Black History: Re-Imaging Cultural Icons
  10. Ralph POOLE: „Learning to be Chinese:“ Postcolonial Mourning in Asian Drama in English
  11. Geoffrey V. DAVIS: Addressing the Silences of the Past: The Legacy of Race in Contemporary South African Theatre
  12. Richard CORBALLIS: Biculturalism and Multiculturalism in Contemporary New Zealand Drama
  13. Marion SPIES: Religion and Society in Contemporary Australian Drama
  14. Nilufer E. BHARUCHA: Retreating Into Tribal Mansions: Race and Religion in Plays Written by Parsi Zoroastrians in India
  15. Uma NARAIN: Crisis of Self in Dattani’s „Dance Like a Man“
  16. Martina GHOSH-SCHELLHORN: Intertextualizing Mythology: The Ramayana and two Contemporary Plays in English

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