Contemporary Drama in English 09

Margarete Rubik and Elke Mettinger-Schartmann, eds.
(Dis)Continuities – Trends and Traditions in Contemporary Theatre and Drama in English

Trier: Wissenschaftlicher Verlag Trier, 2002.
ISBN 3-88476-520-5, 245 pp., EURO 23,00

The volume contains the 16 papers given at the tenth annual CDE conference held in Vienna in 2001.

  1. Werner Huber: Contemporary Drama as Meta-Cinema: Martin McDonagh and Marie Jones
  2. Peter Lenz: „Anything new in the feckin‘ west?“: Martin McDonagh’s Leenane Trilogy and the Juggling with Irish Literary Stereotypes
  3. Michael Raab: The End of a Wave: New British and Irish Plays in the German-speaking Theatre
  4. Martin Buxbaum: „It’s All Politics, Stupid!“: David Hare and Mark Ravenhill’s Latest, Via Dolorosa and Some Explicit Polaroids
  5. Merle Tönnies: The ‚Sensationalist Theatre of Cruelty‘ in 1990s Britain, its 1960s Forebears and the Beginning of the 21st Century
  6. Mary Luckhurst: Contemporary English Theatre: Why Realism?
  7. Howard Barker: The Ethics of Relevance and the Triumph of the Literal
  8. José Ramón Prado Pérez: Issues of Representation and Political Discourse in Caryl Churchill’s Latest Work
  9. Heiner Zimmermann: Martin Crimp, Attempts on her Life: Postdramatic, Postmodern, Satiric?
  10. Edith Hallberg: „The play’s the thing wherein I’ll catch the conscience of the … player“: Strategies of Conflict Transformation in Contemporary Australian Drama
  11. Reade W. Dornan: Whither Black Theater in the U.S.? Ungerminated Seeds From the Thirties
  12. Pamela Monaco: Drawing Rooms Drawing Forth Our Social Anxieties
  13. Christopher Innes: Designing Modern Life: The Impact of Theater on American Society
  14. Michelene Wandor: Feminism and Theatre Now: Continuities and Discontinuities … plus ça change …
  15. Christoph Houswitschka: (Dis)Continuities in Recent British Holocaust Drama
  16. Nilufer E. Bharucha / Sridhar Rajeswaran: Performatives, Performance and Performance Spaces

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