Contemporary Drama in English 11

Hans-Ulrich Mohr and Kerstin Mächler, eds.
Extending the Code – New Forms of Dramatic and Theatrical Expression

Trier: Wissenschaftlicher Verlag Trier, 2004.
ISBN 3-88476-681-3, 264 p., EURO 24,00

The volume contains the 15 papers given at the 12th annual conference of CDE held in Meissen by the University of Dresden.

  1. Hans-Ulrich Mohr: Introduction: The Code of Contemporary Drama and Theatre and its Functions
  2. Theodore Shank: Beyond Illusion: American Alternative Theatre
  3. Aleks Sierz: ‚To Recommend a Cure‘: Beyond Social Realism and In-Yer-Face Theatre
  4. Anette Pankratz: Signifiying Nothing and Everything: The Extension of the Code and Hyperreal Simulations
  5. Piet Defraeye: In-Yer-Face Theatre? Reflections on Provocation and Provoked Audiences in Contemporary Theatre
  6. Silvija Jestrovic: Body and Machine: Extending the Codes in Theatre
    of Laurie Anderson and Robert Wilson
  7. Clare Wallace: Dramas of Radical Alterity: Sarah Kane and Codes of Trauma
    for a Postmodern Age
  8. Mateusz Borowski: Gendered Bodies – Historical Bodies: The Development
    of the Brechtian Convetion in Caryl Churchill’s Cloud Nine and Mark Ravenhill’s Mother Clap’s Molly House
  9. Mark Schreiber: ‚The Celtic Tiger Is Trapped and Speaks With a Twisted Tongue‘: Language, Space, and the Question of Identity in the Plays of Enda Walsh
  10. Marion Hebach: ‚Published and Perished‘: The Blurring of Boundaries
    in Margret Edson’s Wit
  11. Kathleen Starck: Battefield ‚Body‘: Gregory Burke’s Gagarian Way and
    Anthony Neilson’s Stiching
  12. Christopher Innes: Cross-Cultural Connections – Indian Signs/English Conventions
  13. Christiane Schlote: ‚How Many Things Make a Home, and How Many Can We Carry?‘: Staged Migrations and Globalized Aesthetics in Tara Arts‘
    Journey to the West
  14. Dieter Riemenschneider: Maori Contemporary Theatre in English: Witi Ihimaera, Woman Far Walking (2000)
  15. Wumi Raji: Transformed Identities: Cultural Transgression and Postcolonial Transformation in Ngugi wa Thiong’o’s and Ngugi wa Mirii’s I Will Marry When I Want
  16. Adele Edling Shank: Creating Plays for the New Theatre: A Playwriting Workshop

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