Contemporary Drama in English 12

Christoph Houswitschka, Anja Müller, eds.
Staging Displacement, Exile and Diaspora

Trier: Wissenschaftlicher Verlag Trier, 2005.
ISBN 3-88476-681-3, 256 S., kt., € 24,00 (2005)

The volume contains 13 papers given on the occasion of the thirteenth annual conference of CDE at Vierzehnheiligen, organised by the University of Bamberg in 2004.

  1. Christiane Schlote / Kathleen Starck: From Displacement to Arrival: Reflections on Exile and Diaspora in the Theatre
  2. Jorge Huerta: Dealing With Displacement: Comedy in Chicano Theatre
  3. Ricarda Klüssendorf: Negotiating Difference, Identity, and Community: Tony Kushner’s Jews in „the land behind the Statue of Liberty“
  4. Henning Schäfer: Counteracting Displacement: Native Theatre as a Tool for Healing the Wounds of the Residential School System
  5. Markus Wessendorf: Contemporary Drama in Hawai’i: Representations of Displacement and Diaspora in Edward Sakomoto’s Obake and Victoria Nalani Kneubuhl’s Ola Na Iwi
  6. Franz Meier: „Stop being Indian!“ Identity, Hybridity and the Dis/Misplacement of (Post-)Colonial ‚Images‘ in Tom Stoppard’s Indian Ink
  7. Deirdre Osborne: The State of the Nation: Contemporary Black British Theatre and the Staging of the UK
  8. Anja Müller: „We are also Europe: “ Staging Displacement in David Greig’s Plays
  9. Guy Stern: Unfinished Stories
  10. Rudolf Weiss: „Me Johnny Weismuller, you Thomas Mann:“ German Writers Exiled in Dreamland: Christopher Hampton’s Tales from Hollywood
  11. Ulrike Behlau: Remembering the Holocaust in British-Jewish Drama of the 1990s: Diane Samuels, Julia Pascal and Harold Pinter
  12. Annette Kern-Stähler: The Presentness of the Past: The Prosecution and Staging of Displaced War Criminals in Britain
  13. Jan Hollm: CDE Workshop 2004: Pity and Fear for the Average Student? How to Teach Plays of Displacement, Exile, and Diaspora

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