Contemporary Drama in English 00

Wolfgang Lippke, ed.
Aspects of Theatre and Drama in Britain and New Zealand

Unterricht-Studium-Fortbildung 7.
Siegen: Universität GH, 1992.
97 pp. ISSN 0935-9303

  • Roger HALL: Contemporary New Zealand as Seen by Its Playwrights
  • Sarah DANIELS: Women, Marginalisation and the Madness of Writing Plays
  • David EDGAR: Public Theatre in a Private Age

With a preface by Bernhard Reitz as well as introductory essays and addresses by Wolfgang Lippke, Klaus Sturm, Frank Frankel, Agota M. Kuperman, Albert-Reiner Glaap, Nicole Boireau and Raimund Schäffner

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Contemporary Drama in English 01

Bernhard Reitz, ed.
New Forms of Comedy

Wissenschaftlicher Verlag Trier, 1994.
168 pp. ISBN 3-88476-118-8. EUR 18,-

The volume contains the 12 papers given on the occasion of the first CDE conference held at the University of Siegen in 1993.

  1. Christopher INNES: „The Cutting Edge of Comedy: Peter Barnes‘ Polemics“
  2. Peter Paul SCHNIERER: ‚The Conventional Comedies of Bond and Shaffer“
  3. Christine DYMKOWSKI: „Questioning Comedy in Daniels, Wertenbaker, and Churchill“
  4. Eckart VOIGTS-VIRCHOW: „Learning by Suffering/Singing: Dennis Potter’s The Singing Detective as a Musical Tragi-Comedy of Disease“
  5. Tobias DÖRING: „Outside In: Place and Space in Matura’s Political Comedy“
  6. Ann WILSON: „Po-Co Jest: Reflections on Comedy and National Identity in English-Canada“
  7. Bernhard REITZ: „From Loman to Lyman: Arthur Miller’s Comedy“
  8. Edith HALLBERG: „Barbara Garson’s Black Comedy Security“
  9. Christiane BIMBERG: „The Serious Business of Comedy: Return to a Complex Genre in Woody Allen’s A Midsummer Night’s Sex Comedy
  10. Armin GERATHS: „The New Musical and the Ambiguous Legacy of the Musical Comedy“
  11. William BROWN: „Robert Ashley’s Comic Opera for Television“
  12. Peter GRIFFITH: „Aspects of Contemporary Theatre-in-Education“

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Contemporary Drama in English 02

Bernhard Reitz, ed.
Centres and Margins

Wissenschaftlicher Verlag Trier, 1995.
195 pp. ISBN 3-88476-146-3. EUR 19,-

The volume contains the 13 papers given on the occasion of the second CDE conference held at the University of Siegen in 1994.

  1. Klaus-Peter MÜLLER: „Recasting the World on Stage: The Freedom of Creating New Centres and Meanings in Contemporary Theatre“
  2. Martin BANHAM: „Talking Back to the Centre: Aspects of West African Theatre“
  3. Christopher INNES: „Outsiders Offside on the Inside: Sex, Politics and National Theatre(s)“
  4. Peter ZENZINGER: „Looking for a Centre: Contemporary Scottish Drama and Theatre“
  5. Nicholas ARNOLD: „American Colonisation of the English Avant- Garde“
  6. Bryony LAVERY: „‚Guerillas in the Mist: Sightings of, and Observations on, Feminists in British Theatre“
  7. Nicole BOIREAU: „Marginalising the Centre: the Case of Tom Stoppard“
  8. Martin MIDDEKE: „Fashion and the Media: Hyperreality in the Plays of Stephen Poliakoff“
  9. Eckart VOIGTS-VIRCHOW: „Pinter Still/Again Pinteresque? Opacity and Illumination in Moonlight
  10. Eckhard BREITINGER: „Derek Walcott and the Great Traditions“
  11. Rose MBOWA: „Cultural Dualism in Uganda Theatre Since Coloniaism“
  12. Alexander TEODORESCU: „New Ideas on the Teaching of Macbeth“
  13. Albert-Reiner GLAAP: „Englischsprachige Dramen im Englischunterricht/Plays in English for the Classroom (Bibliography)“

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Contemporary Drama in English 03

Bernhard Reitz, ed.
Drama and Reality

Wissenschaftlicher Verlag Trier, 1996.
222 pp. ISBN 3-88476-201- X. EUR 20,50

The volume contains the 18 papers given on the occasion of the third CDE conference held at the University of Dresden in 1995.

  1. Howard BRENTON: „With Gardzienice“
  2. Christopher INNES: „The End of History-and After: The Politics of Drama Today“
  3. Tobias DÖRING: „The Real Inspector Freud: Kim Morrissey, Terry Johnson, and the Drama of Hysteria“
  4. Elizabeth SAKELLARIDOU: „Hyper-/ Sur-/Realism and the Postmodern Stage“
  5. Jochen ACHILLES: „Dermot Bolger’s Drama and the Reality of Europe“
  6. Paul GOETSCH: „Questioning Liberal Optimism: Athol Fugard’s Playland
  7. Irene NITZL: „Coping with Nigerian Language Problems in Literature: The Transistor Radio by Ken Saro-Wiwa“
  8. Uma NARAIN: ‚Theater of the Vietnam War: Reality Truer Than Experiential Fact“
  9. Peter Paul SCHNIERER: „The Theatre of War: English Drama and the Bosnian Conflict“
  10. Ute BERNS: „Political Drama and the Micropolitics of Language: Institutional Power and Individual Perspectives Creating Dramatic Realities“
  11. Jale ABDOL LAZAHDEH: „Departures from Realism: Contemporary Feminist Theatre and the Power of Surreal Effects“
  12. Werner HUBER/Martin MIDDEKE: „Biography in Contemporary Drama“
  13. Isolde NEUBERT: „The Doorman of the Century is a Transient Phenomenon: The Symbolism of Dancer in Howard Barker’s Hated Nightfall
  14. Guy STERN: „Romantic vs. Postmodern Reality: An Examination of Tom Stoppard’s Arcadia
  15. Bernhard REITZ: „Beyond Newton’s Universe: Science and Art in Tom Stoppard’s Arcadia
  16. Hans-Ulrich MOHR: „David Mamet’s Oleanna: The Hazards of Social Construction“
  17. Karl GROSS: „‚Games People Play‘: Illusion and Reality in David Rabe’s Streamers
  18. Christiane BIMBERG: „Reality and Its Distortion in the Plays of Sam Shepard“

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Contemporary Drama in English 04

Peter Paul Schnierer, ed.
Beyond the Mainstream

Wissenschaftlicher Verlag Trier, 1997.
153pp. ISBN 3-88476-266-4. EUR 18,-

The volume contains the 11 papers given on the occasion of the fourth CDE conference held in Blaubeuren (University of Tübingen) in 1996.

  1. Peter Paul SCHNIERER: „Introduction: The Marginal Theatre“
  2. Margarete RUBIK: „Fringe or Mainstream? What is Marketable?“
  3. Jale ABDOLLAHZADEH: „De-constructing and Re-constructing the Gendered Gaze in Lesbian Theatre“
  4. Guy STERN: „The Jewish Ensemble Theatre of Michigan and its American Premiere of Motti Lerner’s Exile in Jerusalem
  5. Nicole BOIREAU: „The ‚undersea kingdom‘ of Gregory Motton“
  6. Christopher INNES: „Beyond Categories (Redefining ‚mainstream‘)“
  7. Stuart MARLOW: „Revisiting Top Girls: Mainstreaming the Alternative“
  8. Reade DORNAN: „Omaha Magic Theatre: Not Corn, But Babes Unchained“
  9. Wolfgang HOCHBRUCK: „Between ‚Living History‘ and Pageantry: Historical Reenactments in American Culture“
  10. Christiane SCHLOTTE: „Other Voices: Latino and Asian American Theatre in New York“
  11. Regina KNEER: „Contemporary Black Australian Drama“
  12. Eckhard BREITINGER: „African Theatre Today: Perception and Reception at africa 95

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Contemporary Drama in English 05

Werner Huber and Martin Middeke, eds.
Anthropological Perspectives

Wissenschaftlicher Verlag Trier, 1998.
212pp. ISBN 3-88476-298-2. EUR 20,-

The volume contains the 13 papers given on the occasion of the fifth CDE conference held at the University of Paderborn in 1997.

  1. Werner HUBER/ Martin MIDDEKE: „Introduction“
  2. Richard Allen CAVE: „Engendering Confusion“
  3. David EDGAR: „From Babel to Pentecost: Language and Culture in the Liminal Zone“
  4. Margarete RUBIK: „The Bacchae in Modern British Drama“
  5. Stephanie KRAMER: „Imaging/Imagining Women’s Lives: Biography in Contemporary Women’s Drama“
  6. Stuart MARLOW: „Hovering Between the Post-Colonial and the Pastoral: Brian Friel’s Dancing at Lughnasa
  7. Anja OED: „Staging Ritual in Post-Colonial Drama: Wole Soyinka’s Death of the King’s Horseman and Tess Akaeke Onwueme’s The Broken Calabash
  8. Albert-Reiner GLAAP: „Anguished Human Relations and the Search for Love: Plays by Canadian Writers Brad Fraser, Judith Thompson and Dianne Warren“
  9. Markus WESSENDORF: „Richard Foreman’s Theatrical Deconstruction of the Neo-Ritualistic Theatre of the Sixties“
  10. Thomas LEUCHTENMUELLER: „The Role of Rituals in August Wilson’s Drama“
  11. Johan CALLENS: „FinISHed Story: Elizabeth LeCompte’s Intercultural Take on Time and Work“
  12. Klaus STIERSTORFER: „Life into Theatre – Theatre into Living: Dramatherapy and its Interface with Drama and Theatre Studies“
  13. Fritz-Wilhelm NEUMANN: „Cyberspace: The Impact of Information Technology on the Stage“
  14. Nicholas ARNOLD: „‚Come, and Take Away the Green Pain‘ – The Shamanic and Ecstatic Features of Trance-Dance in Rave Culture“

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Contemporary Drama in English 06

Bernhard Reitz, ed.
Race and Religion

Wissenschaftlicher Verlag Trier, 1999.
ISBN 3-88476-353-9, 212 pp., EUR 20,50

The volume contains the 16 papers given at the sixth CDE conference in Leutersdorf (University of Mainz).

  1. David NATHAN: Race and Religion in the English Theatre
  2. Sigrid RIEUWERTS: Sacraments and Sacrifices: On David Hare’s Racing Demon
  3. Isolde NEUBERT-KÖPSEL: Jokers in the Pack: Satire and Metaphor in David Hare’s Racing Demon (1990)
  4. Beatrix HESSE: Race, Religion and the Group Process: The Plays of David Edgar
  5. Guy STERN: Furtwängler – the Testing of Art: Ronald Harwood’s Drama Taking Sides
  6. Heiner ZIMMERMAN: European Xenophobia and Ireland: A Postcolonial View: Donal O’Kelly: Asylum! Asylum!
  7. Merle TÖNNIES: The Codes of ‘Self’ and ‘Other’ and the Manipulation of Audience Sympathy: Conflicts between the West and the Islamic World in Contemporary British and Irish Drama
  8. Elizabeth SAKELLARIDOU: Religion as Strategy
  9. Christopher INNES: Staging Black History: Re-Imaging Cultural Icons
  10. Ralph POOLE: „Learning to be Chinese:“ Postcolonial Mourning in Asian Drama in English
  11. Geoffrey V. DAVIS: Addressing the Silences of the Past: The Legacy of Race in Contemporary South African Theatre
  12. Richard CORBALLIS: Biculturalism and Multiculturalism in Contemporary New Zealand Drama
  13. Marion SPIES: Religion and Society in Contemporary Australian Drama
  14. Nilufer E. BHARUCHA: Retreating Into Tribal Mansions: Race and Religion in Plays Written by Parsi Zoroastrians in India
  15. Uma NARAIN: Crisis of Self in Dattani’s „Dance Like a Man“
  16. Martina GHOSH-SCHELLHORN: Intertextualizing Mythology: The Ramayana and two Contemporary Plays in English

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Contemporary Drama in English 07

Eckart Voigts-Virchow, ed.
Mediated Drama – Dramatized Media

Trier: Wissenschaftlicher Verlag Trier, 2000.
ISBN 3-88476-441-7, 229 pp., EUR 20,50

The volume contains the 16 papers given at the eighth CDE conference held in Rauischholzhausen (University of Giessen) in 1999.

Transformed Stages: Performance and Media Techonology

SAMUEL WEBER: „Between a Human Life and a Word“: Benjamin’s Excitable Gestures / JILL SCOTT: Re-casting the Human on a Transformed Stage / HELGA FINTER: Theatre in a Society of the Spectacle / PAUL M. MALONE: Cyber-Kleist: The Virtual Actor as Über-Marionette / DAVID KILPATRICK: Catching Up With Gertrude: Stein’s Faustus and the Wooster Group / Margaret Hamilton: Terminal Desire: Enter Shop and The Necessary Orgy

Transformed Screens: Televison Drama

KENITH TRODD: Mediation / CHRISTOPHER WALKER: A Funny Business: Producing Situation Comedy / DEREK PAGET: Acting the Real: Daramatic Practices in Television Dramadoc/Docudrama / ROBIN NELSON: TV Drama: „Flexi-Narrative Form“ and „a New Affective Order“ / JOHN R. COOK: „Start Big and Then Build“: Sydney Newman and British Television Drama

Transformed Texts: Drama and Intermediality

EVERETT C. FROST: Contemporary American Literature and Radio Drama / Claudia Sternberg: „Return, I Will, to Old Brazil“ – Reading Screenplay Literature / JOHAN CALLENS: Sorting Out Ontologies in Mark Ravenhill’s Faust (Faust Is Dead) / JAMES M. HARDING: Historicity, the Cinematic, and Pam Gems’s Queen Christina / SUSAN BLATTÈS: The Blurring of Boundaries between Stage and Screen in Plays by Sam Shepard and David Mamet / MARTIN BUXBAUM: The Merging of Information and Entertainment – Politics, Drama, and the Television News Media in the United States / MARK BERNINGER: Children’s Games and Children’s Plays – Computer Adventures Meet the Stage in Alan Ayckbourn’s Mr A’s Amazing Maze Plays and Callisto 5

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Contemporary Drama in English 08

Bernhard Reitz and Alyce von Rothkirch, eds.
Crossing Borders – Intercultural Drama and Theatre at the Turn of the Millennium

Trier: Wissenschaftlicher Verlag Trier, 2001.
ISBN 3-88476-464-0, 202 pp., EUR 20,50

The volume contains the 16 papers given at the ninth CDE conference in Bad Alexandersbad (University of Bayreuth) in 2000.

  1. Bernhard Reitz and Alyce von Rothkirch: Crossing Borders: The 9th CDE Annual Conference at Bad Alexandersbad, November 2-5, 2000
  2. Jane Turner: The ‚Third‘ Spectator
  3. Angelika E. C. Keil: Postcolonial Identities: a Plurality of Experiences
  4. Stephanie Kramer: Postcolonial Experience and Intercultural Communication in Hanif Kureishi’s Borderline (1981) and Ayub Khan-Din’s East is East (1996)
  5. Mark Berninger: The Absence of the Intercultural? – The History of Anglo-Indian Relations in Ayub Khan-Din’s Last Dance at Dum Dum and Tom Stoppard’s Indian Ink
  6. Christiane Schlote: Satire and Sociology: The Performing Powers of Meera Syal and Anna Deavere Smith
  7. Nüvid Mortan: Creating a Multicultural Space in Theatre: Bahar Noktasi –  Can Yücel’s Creative Translation of A Midsummer Night’s Dream
  8. Edith Hallberg: Shakespeare’s Macbeth Crossing Borders: Violence and Reconciliation in Welcome Msomi’s Umabatha
  9. Heiko Stahl: „I won’t answer to the name Caliban“ – Négritude and the Master Narrative in Aimé Césaire’s A Tempest
  10. Beate Neumeier: Towards an Intercultural Theatre? Variations on Shakespeare’s The Tempest
  11. Ulrike Hattemer: Reading and Rewriting Shakespeare – the Anglo-Jewish Take on the Bard
  12. José Ramón Prado Pérez: Interculturalism, Subversion and the Quest for Identity in Chicano Theatre
  13. Alyce von Rothkirch: A Welsh National Theatre? Welsh Drama in English before the Second World War
  14. Anette Pankratz: Greek to Us? Appropriations of Myths in Contemporary British and Irish Drama
  15. Stefanie Brusberg-Kiermeier: Re-writing Seneca: Sarah Kane’s Phaedra’s Love
  16. Heiner Zimmermann: Theatrical Transgression in Totalitarian and Democratic Societies: Shakespeare as a Trojan Horse and the Scandal of Sarah Kane
  17. Stuart Marlow: Pushing at the Limits of Representation: South African and Northern Irish Challenges to Accepted Notions of Dramatic Discourse

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Contemporary Drama in English 09

Margarete Rubik and Elke Mettinger-Schartmann, eds.
(Dis)Continuities – Trends and Traditions in Contemporary Theatre and Drama in English

Trier: Wissenschaftlicher Verlag Trier, 2002.
ISBN 3-88476-520-5, 245 pp., EURO 23,00

The volume contains the 16 papers given at the tenth annual CDE conference held in Vienna in 2001.

  1. Werner Huber: Contemporary Drama as Meta-Cinema: Martin McDonagh and Marie Jones
  2. Peter Lenz: „Anything new in the feckin‘ west?“: Martin McDonagh’s Leenane Trilogy and the Juggling with Irish Literary Stereotypes
  3. Michael Raab: The End of a Wave: New British and Irish Plays in the German-speaking Theatre
  4. Martin Buxbaum: „It’s All Politics, Stupid!“: David Hare and Mark Ravenhill’s Latest, Via Dolorosa and Some Explicit Polaroids
  5. Merle Tönnies: The ‚Sensationalist Theatre of Cruelty‘ in 1990s Britain, its 1960s Forebears and the Beginning of the 21st Century
  6. Mary Luckhurst: Contemporary English Theatre: Why Realism?
  7. Howard Barker: The Ethics of Relevance and the Triumph of the Literal
  8. José Ramón Prado Pérez: Issues of Representation and Political Discourse in Caryl Churchill’s Latest Work
  9. Heiner Zimmermann: Martin Crimp, Attempts on her Life: Postdramatic, Postmodern, Satiric?
  10. Edith Hallberg: „The play’s the thing wherein I’ll catch the conscience of the … player“: Strategies of Conflict Transformation in Contemporary Australian Drama
  11. Reade W. Dornan: Whither Black Theater in the U.S.? Ungerminated Seeds From the Thirties
  12. Pamela Monaco: Drawing Rooms Drawing Forth Our Social Anxieties
  13. Christopher Innes: Designing Modern Life: The Impact of Theater on American Society
  14. Michelene Wandor: Feminism and Theatre Now: Continuities and Discontinuities … plus ça change …
  15. Christoph Houswitschka: (Dis)Continuities in Recent British Holocaust Drama
  16. Nilufer E. Bharucha / Sridhar Rajeswaran: Performatives, Performance and Performance Spaces

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